Roberto Bianchi

Managing Director
TR Sweden and Group Director of Sourcing

Length of Service: 27 years

Areas of expertise: Management & Organisational leadership skills: experienced in the development of sales & customer relationships, and sourcing & supplier partnerships

Fluent in: Swedish, Italian and English; additional skills in German, Spanish, Danish, and Norwegian

Ron Vlutters

Managing Director
TR Holland

Length of Service: 13 years

Areas of expertise: Strategic sales and general management; fluent in Dutch, English and German

Jan Erik Storvse

General Manager
TR Norway

Length of Service: 15 years

Areas of expertise: Product & transactional sales; experienced in Global project coordination & set up

Dara Horgan

General Manager
TR Southern Fasteners, Ireland

Length of Service: 18 years

Areas of expertise: Financial, business & industry including logistics and staff management

Zoltan Csengeri

Location Head
TR Hungary

Length of Service: 8.5 years

Areas of expertise: Electro-technician and Economist: fluent in Hungarian, Romanian, German, English and Italian