Sam Wilson

Managing Director
Lancaster Fastener Company

Length of Service: 31 years

Areas of expertise: Entrepreneurial leadership skills; extensive knowledge of the markets and dynamics; experienced in sales & marketing, purchasing, operational, worldwide and European logistics, quality, customer service and HR

Keith Gibb

Product Director
TR Branded Products

Length of Service: 22 years

Areas of expertise: Marketing, sales, branded and general product knowledge, web development and B2B sales

Michelle Horscroft

Internal Sales Manager
TR Direct

Length of Service: 24 years

Areas of expertise: Customer services – operational management

Dave Fisk

General Manager
TR Fastenings, Southern Region

Length of Service: 19 years

Areas of expertise: Operational, purchasing & product Management

Steve Meiklem

General Manager
TR Fastenings, Northern Region

Length of Service: 20 years

Areas of expertise: Purchasing & operations