Business Innovation and Development


Pictured: Lancaster Fastener Co Ltd

Principle activity and investments in this area have centred on increasing Trifast's product offering, enhancing quality and service capability and compliance to changing regulations on environmental and health & safety requirements.

The Group's manufacturing has been significantly enhanced by the acquisition of PSEP, increasing the capacity of both size and complexity of fasteners and components made.

State-of-the-art non contact measuring equipment has been purchased for PSEP since being added to the Group to ensure the utmost accuracy in measuring first articles prior to mass production. This approach of preventing error at the outset of the product's life cycle is consistent with the Company's goal of consistently delivering zero incidents for customer production.

This $50,000 investment followed the earlier introduction of computer aided tooling design software. This not only speeds up the design process but also eliminates error and tooling modifications.

All the Group manufacturing units operate rigorous quality control monitoring during the production process. However, to ensure customer production is not impacted by the presence of mixed or malformed parts, electronic automatic vision sorting machines are employed to 100% guarantee screws, specials and nuts to be correct to specification.

SFE, Trifast's specialised maker of automotive parts in Taiwan, has ordered a 10mm diameter 4 die 4 blow cold forging machine. This $100,000 investment expands SFE's capacity to make more complex and larger parts in response to customer demand. Developing the theme of preventing errors at the outset; within the UK a New Project Introduction (NPI) has been created to ensure the smooth implementation of New Projects. This, in conjunction with the use of specific approved vendors, ensures efficiency and enhanced customer service.

Did you know?

  • 11,000 tons of material is used globally by TR
    Waste is cleaned, sold and recycled

Regarding the environment, legislation has been amended so that ROSH compliance now requires proof by due diligence that Hexivalent Chrome is not present in plated products. TR Fastenings has invested in the capability to test stock items to this newly required compliance.

TR Fastenings is currently launching three new product lines; a new range of sheet metal fasteners for Europe, a range of spacers and hardware for electronics and thirdly, a wide range of plastic fasteners and cable management products.

Finally, we need to acknowledge Lancaster's logistics capability.

Lancaster Fastener Co, well known for its extremely wide range of fastener products, has developed a low cost and effective delivery process to European customers within three days. Using the same model, fastener customers in the USA are now being offered the same service. This sales channel solely to distributors provides an equal to, if not better, service than currently exists within the sector.

Geoff Budd
TR Europe Managing Director