TR - 40 years of Innovation

2013 will be a landmark year for TR Fastenings as it celebrates 40 years at the forefront of the fastenings distribution and manufacturing business.

A Great British invention is the Binx Nut, originally designed in the 1960s. The Binx Nut has been refined and developed by TR Fastenings to an all-metal, self-locking nut suitable for use in various industry sectors. Dimensionally, no bigger than a standard full nut, the Binx Nut's ingenious design incorporates two opposing cantilevers which lock with inward and downward pressure minimising thread wear and enabling the nut to be removed and replaced repeatedly whilst retaining torque resistance. Binx Nuts are also unaffected by temperature fluctuations or contaminants. Available in a number of different materials and sizes, the Binx Nut is the first choice for many, especially where vibration resistance is a priority.

Another of TR Fastenings' key developments is the Swage Nut, a sheet metal product developed in the late 1990's aimed at giving flexibility. Dimensionally the same as a standard self clinch nut, however it is installed the same way as a Hank rivet bush. This combination allows manufacturers to use the Swage Nut in a number of different materials, and can be easily replaced.