Group Marketing

Our Group Marketing team, works in partnership around the Business, both at home and overseas, designing and distributing multilingual material to support local market activities as well as internal news publications that help to keep our people informed about new business wins, exhibitions plus job functions and profiles of colleagues around the Globe. In addition they work with management and external agencies on projects that assist the profiling of the business both commercially and for all stakeholders.

During the year, TR attended a number of trade events which helped to underpin the strength of the TR brand and its global capabilities.

Six months after the launch of TR's free online web resource for design engineers, TR has grown its base of registered users to over 33,000 and now hosts designers and engineers from nearly 150 countries as diverse as Vanuatu and the Vatican City. These new web tools represent a large investment, but building them was a logical step for TR as a fastener specialist providing unique levels of technical and engineering support for our customers.


Pictured from left to right:
Natalie Hussey, Abi Burnett and
Anjanita Eldridge